Why texting is bad for you

    Why texting is bad for you

  • 1 It's bad for the neck

    Studies have shown that texting is one of the main reasons behind back, shoulder and neck pains, as it involves looking down at the phone most of the time, which adds pressure on the neck and spine. 

  • 2 It can cause accidents

    Texting and driving is one of the leading causes behind accidents. Since people have become addicted to texting, they can't stop even while they're driving, which puts their lives in danger. See why do people text and drive

  • 3 It can lead to strain injuries

    Texting for too long during the day can lead to strain injuries in the thumbs, wrists, elbows and neck. 

  • 4 It can affect sleep

    Texting before going to bed can affect the quality of your sleep and cause sleeping problems, as the brain becomes hinged on the things that were said in the conversation and can lead to overthinking. 

  • 5 It can ruin relationships

    Texting is not the best way of communicating with partners, as it can cause problems due to the fact that the involved parties can't see each other and can easily misunderstand what is being said. 

  • 6 It gives a false sense of power

    Being in control of the flow of the conversation can give a person a false sense of power when they decide to ignore the message or end the conversation abruptly, for example. 

  • 7 It hinders the ability to express your emotions

    Texting has made exhibiting emotions easier by emojis, which has led to a decreased ability of expressing one's emotions using words. See why do people use emojis

  • 8 It adds pressure

    Some people are not fans of texting for a long period of time, which can add pressure on them when the people around them start nagging them to engage in online conversations. See why do some people prefer texting over phonecalls

  • 9 It can result in feelings of loneliness

    Being dependent on texting and doing it all day can result in feelings of loneliness when a person can't find someone to chat with. 

  • 10 It causes social problems

    People who are addicted to texting often face social problems when they are hanging out with people and concentrating more on the conversation happening inside their phones. See why smartphones are bad for society

  • 11 It causes impatience

    Texting makes a person used to getting an answer almost right away, which can lead to feelings of impatience and frustration in real life conversations or when a person takes too long to reply to a text message. 

  • 12 It has a bad effect on kids

    Due to the prevalence of texting nowadays, kids are learning to communicate behind screens, which can have a bad effect on them when they are required to carry out real life interactions. 

  • 13 It causes distraction

    Texting can be very distracting for everyone including students, employees, and business owners. Not knowing how to limit it can lead to performance problems. 

  • 14 It can shorten life expectancy

    A study done by the U.K. Chiropractic Association showed that the bad texting posture can add pressure on people's internal organs and lead to breathing problems, which can in turn reduce the life expectancy of the average person.