Why the Egyptian 25th of January Revolution happened

    Why the Egyptian 25th of January Revolution happened

  • 1 People were oppressed and unsatisfied

    Under the rule of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president who ruled for 30 years, people were oppressed, unhappy, unsatisfied, living in poor conditions and unable to speak and never believed there was a way out.

  • 2 The death of Khaled Saeed on 6 June, 2010

    It's believed that the death of Khaled Saeed who was killed by the Egyptian police forces in a brutal way charged people with anger, as his before and after death pictures spread on social media.

  • 3 Extreme poverty and tough living condtions

    Living conditions in Egypt were unbearable, especially to those living below the poverty line, that people exploded as soon as they got the chance to object.

  • 4 The talks about Gamal Mubarak's succession to Hosni Mubarak fueled anger

    As it became more evident to people that Hosni Mubarak had plans to give the rule of Egypt to his son Gamal, people became more and more frustrated.

  • 5 Corruption of elections

    The corruption of both the presidential elections and the parliament elections, which removed almost everyone who belongs to the opposition made people more frustrated.

  • 6 The wide use of social media

    Most Egyptians were always unsatisfied with Hosni Mubarak's rule, but they didn't have a channel to use to execute any kind of opposing actions. The widespread use of the internet in Egypt helped people find a common place that can unify their goals.

  • 7 The success of 6th of April strike

    The April 6 Youth Movement is an Egyptian activist group established to support the workers who were planning to strike on April 6. The fact that the strike became very successful made some people believe that resisting the regime is possible.

  • 8 The Revolution worked in Tunisia

    It's believed that the spark that led to the Egyptian revolution was the fact that Revolution in Tunisia seemed like a success. And since Tunisia's government was somehow similar to Egypt's, many Egyptians started to believe that they can make it too.

  • 9 25th of January was chosen because it's the national police day

    Protesters wanted to object against police brutality and that's why 25th of January was chosen because it was the national police day in Egypt.

  • 10 Most people were pro revolution

    The fact that people from different backgrounds, social classes, religions and political backgrounds were pro revolution resulted in the very large number of people getting down in the streets to ask the government to leave.

  • 11 People started joining the hordes on the street

    Initially, the number of protesters wasn't as large as it ended to be, but as people saw protesters walking down the streets in large groups, so many people started leaving their homes to join the ones who were already in the street.

  • 12 The belief about possible change was changed

    As millions of protesters went to the street, millions more started to believe that change is possible and so they joined the initial group, adding more man power to the revolution (See why many Egyptians supported el sisi).