Why the Purple Trash Dove Meme got very popular

    Why the Purple Trash Dove Meme got very popular

  • 1 It looks unusual

    According to psychologists, unusual, bizarre and unfamiliar things can catch our attention easily. While the Trash Dove looks like a normal bird, it has a unique style that differentiates it from other bird images.

  • 2 It looks funny

    According to experts, one of the forces that make a certain post viral is the humor element. Because the Trash Dove is funny in a unique way, it found its way through the internet. See why some posts go viral on the internet.

  • 3 It annoys some people

    The fact that the Trash Dove annoys some people made it very suitable for friends who want to pull pranks or joke with their online friends.

  • 4 It has absurd moves

    The animated version of the most popular Trash Dove has an absurd move. The bird moves it's head up and down in strange way. This made it very suitable for many jokes and memes. See also why memes are so popular.

  • 5 It stands out

    According to meme experts, the meme that stands out has a better chance of going viral. The Trash Dove has a purple color, a very distinct shape and a very large eye. Those elements helped the Trash Dove gain traction.

  • 6 It became popular in Thailand

    The Trash Dove first became popular in Thailand before it reached the rest of the world. Some people suggest that the bird could be associated with the meaning of friend zoning, but no clear sources were given. See why Harambe memes got popular.

  • 7 It's very expressive

    Expressive memes are more likely to go viral than non-expressive ones. Because the Trash Dove can be used to express totally different feelings, it went viral.

  • 8 It looks distressed

    The fact that the Trash Dove looks distressed made it very suitable for many jokes, memes and also for comments on posts.

  • 9 People used it to comment on posts

    So many people used the Trash Dove picture to comment on posts, and as a result, the picture became viral easily as others discovered it. See why memes can be bad.

  • 10 It appeared in a viral Video

    According to Know Your Meme, the initial traction the Trash Dove got was when it appeared in a Thai viral video featuring the head-banging bird with a dancing cat.