Why the TV show The Bachelor is bad

    Why the TV show The Bachelor is bad

  • 1 It's misogynistic

    The Bachelor depicts women as nothing but trivial objects who fight and bicker to win a man's love. Critics have called out the show for its misogynistic take on women and relationships. The bachelors themselves also sometimes call women degrading names.

  • 2 It's sexist

    The show portrays women in a stereotypical and sexist way by giving them the roles of the 'crazy girl', 'drunk girl' and the 'bitch'.  

  • 3 It's predictable

    The show has been running for 21 seasons, which made it quite predictable, as viewers expect what is going to happen and which contestants will be eliminated. 

  • 4 It's staged

    Some of the scenes in the show aren't real and have been staged by the producers to serve a certain purpose, such as mid-scene interviews, leaving the show (it takes time to actually arrange for a contestant to go home) and getting the contestants drunk in certain scenes. 

  • 5 Participants are seeking fame

    Some of the participants only join the show to seek fame and not love. Some of them consider the show an opportunity to showcase their talents or to get a job with the television network, ABC, or to get promotional deals from different social networks. 

  • 6 It mostly consists of white women

    Some people have criticized the show for its lack of racial diversity, as the show consists mainly of white women and other races are a minority, according to an analysis. The analysis also showed that the minorities were usually eliminated in the first couple of episodes every season. 

  • 7 It promotes a certain image of women

    The show's female contestants are mainly white and thin, which promotes an idealistic image of women and sends a message of having to be white and thin in order to find a husband. 

  • 8 The love isn't sincere

    Many of the emotions shown on the show are not sincere since one cannot be forced to love a man on demand, which is what the show is all about. 

  • 9 Women are put against each other

    The female contestants often fight on the show over the bachelor, which sometimes results in catfights and plotting schemes to deceive one another. The show pits the women against each other in order to show how valuable the bachelor is. 

  • 10 It's unrealistic

    The show set unrealistic standards of love and relationships where the contestants go on dates with the bachelor in exotic and luxurious locations and compete for the love of a man they barely know. 

  • 11 The couples usually break up

    94% of the show's couples end up breaking up after the show is over, which proves that in most cases, it is not true love. 

  • 12 It causes relationship problems

    Some viewers have admitted that the TV show, The Bachelor, has caused problems with their significant other for not being as romantic as the couples on the show.