Why the Witch 2016 movie got high ratings

    Why the Witch 2016 movie got high ratings

  • 1 Different type of horror

    The Witch movie displays a different type of horror than what's common. The movie doesn't depend on sudden frightening scenes but it's all about keeping the audience scared as the result of the thoughts that comes to their own minds. 

  • 2 Can be seen from many angles

    The movie could be interpreted from many different angles. As a result many critics saw what they wanted to see in the movie after interpreting it their own way.

  • 3 Talented actors

    All the movie actors without exception have delivered a great performance. This made the movie more convincing.

  • 4 The movie keeps you wondering

    Many of the events in the movie weren't clearly explained and as a result many people reported that they kept thinking about the movie for days after they left the theater.

  • 5 Discussing sensitive religious topics

    Many people believe that the movie intended to discuss certain sensitive topics related to religion such as shame, guilt and lack of faith.

  • 6 The movie is very convincing

    The fact that the acting and the production was done in a very good way made the experience very convincing and deeply indulging. 

  • 7 Deep meaning

    Many critics believed that the movie had so many deep meanings and that it's not just a shallow horror movie that depends on cheap scenes or scary ghosts.

  • 8 The movie triggered people's fears

    Instead of displaying some kind of a ghost or a monster the movie allowed each one of the audience to think of his own fears and as a result some people found the movie to be very scary.

  • 9 Indirect criticism of religious people

    Many people believe that the movie involved indirect criticism of people who are overly religious, pointing out that they can sometimes be irrational. Although many people found that offensive, others liked the idea.

  • 10 Very mysterious

    The movie is very mysterious. Even after a person watches it he would remain wondering about the events that took place.

  • 11 Discussing several psychological problems

    Many people liked the movie because it discussed many of the irrational behaviors and psychological problems people can develop when they fail to interpret events the right way.