Why the Xbox one failed

    Why the Xbox one failed

  • 1 Competition from the PS4

    The bad sales numbers of the Xbox one are a direct result of the competition with the Playstation 4 console and to a certain extent the Nintendo Wii U.

  • 2 Playstation has better graphics

    While the Xbox games can be played with a resolution of 720p, Playstation 4 provided a resolution of up to 1080p. Playstation 4 had better graphics.

  • 3 It wasn't 100% focused on gaming

    Microsoft marketed the Xbox one as a device for gaming, music, movies and communications. Microsoft also marketed the console as a competitor of Apple TV. The fact that the device wasn't 100% focused on gaming prevented many hard core gamers from buying it.

  • 4 Paying to access internet in early days

    In the initial phase after the release of the Xbox one almost all internet capabilities were locked until a person pays for the service. While the PlayStation 4 has similar locks, it still allows for internet access and periodic updates without the user paying anything.

  • 5 The Xbox one was more expensive

    When the Xbox one was released it was around $100 more expensive than the PS4 which had better graphics. This turned away price savvy customers.

  • 6 Some users want the popular console

    Because the Xbox one was already behind the PS4, users who wanted to stick with the popular console always went for the PS4. The fact that some online games can't be played if people are using different consoles motivated some people to go for the PS4.

  • 7 Bundling with Kinect

    When the Xbox one was initially released it was bundled with Kinect, a motion sensing input device, and as a result the console was more expensive than the PS4. This also forced the Xbox one to reserve some resources for the use of Kinect, and this in turn affected graphics and performance.

  • 8 Low sales in Japan

    The Xbox one sold very little units in Japan compared to PS4 and Nintendo Wii U. The weak numbers from Japan affected the overall sales. See also why the windows phone failed.

  • 9 Lack of powerful exclusive games

    The Xbox one didn't have many great exclusive games to help it against the PS4. This motivated many customers to buy the cheaper and more powerful device, which is the PS4.

  • 10 Microsoft was slow to act

    Even though many people expressed discontentment with the decision to bundle Kinect with the Xbox one, Microsoft was a bit slow in addressing the needs of its customers. See also why Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia failed.

  • 11 Few impressive Kinect games

    Microsoft failed to provide many impressive games that Required Kinect. This fueled the customers' dissatisfaction with the additional device.

  • 12 Kinect privacy issues

    When the Xbox was first released some people were concerned about privacy as microsoft said that the device should be connected at all times.