Why the circus is bad for animals

    Why the circus is bad for animals

  • 1 They are beaten into submission

    Trainers in circuses use the method of beating or whipping animals into submission to make them learn the tricks they're supposed to perform.

  • 2 They don't live in their natural environment

    Animals are taken from their natural environment and forced to live away from their home in order to perform in a circus and entertain people for money.

  • 3 Not being taken care of

    Due to travelling long distances, circuses are often unable to provide their animals with sufficient amounts of water, food and other basic necessities.

  • 4 They are kept in confinement

    When the animals aren't performing in the circus, they are kept in stalls or trucks.

  • 5 They are drugged

    Circus trainers often drug their animals in order to protect themselves and the audience and prevent any attacks from the wild animals.

  • 6 Their claws and teeth are removed

    Some trainers remove the claws and teeth of some animals for protection. 

  • 7 Animals rebel

    Some animals sometimes rebel against the cruel living condition and attack their trainers or the audience.

  • 8 They live in isolation

    It's unnatural for animals to live in isolation, but circuses force the animals to live in cages with no contact with other animals.

  • 9 They suffer from psychological problems

    Some animals suffer from psychological problems due to the inhumane treatment they get. This could lead to animals hurting themselves or exhibiting weird behavior.

  • 10 They don't live a normal life

    Animals in circuses don't live a normal life where they can run freely, play, mate, be with their families and socialize with other animals. Animals in circuses are forced to live against their nature.

  • 11 They are sometimes shot

    Circus animals are sometimes shot and killed when they rebel and try to attack someone.

  • 12 Some animals get burned

    Some animals, specifically tigers and lions, sometimes get burned when they're being trained to jump through or over fire.