Why the coolest cooler kickstarter campaign got very successful

    Why the coolest cooler kickstarter campaign got very successful

  • 1 The campaign was relaunched in the right time

    The Coolest cooler campaign didn't achieve much success the first time it was launched in November. The campaign was launched the second time in summer when people were most in need of coolers (See how to create a successful kickstarter campaign).

  • 2 There was a small community of supports ready

    Even though the first campaign didn't succeed it helped the product have some fans and supporters. During the second launch many of those supporters came to back the product as soon as it was released.

  • 3 The video clearly pointed out that the product is a bargain

    The video clearly pointed it that a person will have to pay a lot more just to get all the features available in the Coolest cooler. This made the product seem like it was selling at a Bargain price (See how to use neuroscience to price products).

  • 4 It had more features in the second launch

    In the second launch the Coolest cooler had more features. Although not a lot more its believed that the USB charger feature helped the second campaign.

  • 5 The product targeted so many needs

    The product targeted many of the customer's needs. The product was designed to solve many of the problems people face when they go for a picnic or an outdoor party (See how to find unmet market needs).

  • 6 The second campaign included a discounted price for early birds

    The second campaign included a $165 discounted price for early backers. This motivated more people to back the campaign.

  • 7 Most people were buying the product not backing the campain

    Many people wanted to buy the product not to back the campaign. The fact that the campaign raised much more money than it asked for is a clear proof that people were buying the product not helping the campaign reach its target.

  • 8 The second prototype had all the features included

    The first prototype didn't have all the features the product promised. The creator of the campaign planned to include the features when the campaign becomes successful. In the second campaign that product was ready with all features included.

  • 9 The video is customer focused

    The second video is more customer focused. Many people don't support crowdfunding campaigns because they want to support others but they do it to get some kind of a benefit. The video clearly showed people that they can benefit a lot from the cooler and that's why it worked.

  • 10 Improvments were made to the product based on the first campain

    New features were added to the second prototype based on the feedback that was received after the first campaign. This helped the second prototype to become more customer focused.