Why The Order 1886 is good

    Why The Order 1886 is good

  • 1 Graphics like never seen before

    Even the critics pointed out that the graphics of the order 1886 is one of the best graphics ever made for a PS4 game.

  • 2 Just like a movie

    The game play is more like watching a movie than an actual game. People criticized the long scenes and the lack of interaction during them. See why the order 1886 didn't sell well.

  • 3 Interesting story with exciting twists

    Many people liked the story of the game and considered it thrilling.

  • 4 The battle system is exciting

    The battle system is exciting and loaded with action. Even though the game was criticized for having less of those gun fights, the few ones still present made the game very interesting to some people. 

  • 5 An exciting game to watch

    The Game is very exciting even if someone is watching and not playing. The game can be enjoyed by a group of people even though only one of them is playing.

  • 6 Incredible details

    The graphics of the game isn't just neat but an extreme, and sometimes shocking, attention has been paid to the details. You can approach almost any element in the game and find that it resembles real life perfectly.

  • 7 Mystery (spoiler alert)

    The game makes a great shift from a normal shooting up game against human enemies to one where a person is pursuing Lycans and werewolves.

  • 8 Characters are very real

    The graphics of the game make the characters look very realistic that it becomes easy to establish emotional connections with them.

  • 9 Wide range of weapons

    The game has a wide range of interesting weapons that make gun fights even more thrilling and exciting. See also why the last of us is so good.