Why the priemere of season 7 of the Walking Dead is so conterversial

    Why the priemere of season 7 of the Walking Dead is so conterversial

  • 1 It mistreated the fans

    The fans waited for six months in anticipation for the new episode of the Walking Dead and they got what they came for. However, the long wait over the death of a character was seen by many fans as abusive to their loyalty to the show.

  • 2 It took too long

    After a six months cliff-hanger that left the fans eager to know what happens next, the episode took a long time to show who died in a flashback which many fans did not appreciate.

  • 3 Two characters died

    The last episode in season 6 showed that one character would die. However, two fan-favorite characters took the beating by Negan's baseball bat, Lucille, to their head.

  • 4 It was too violent

    The Walking Dead has not been shy to show violence. However, the violence in the season 7 premiere was a little too over-the-top even for the Walking Dead. The two fan-favorite characters were beaten too much, which left the fans cringing.

  • 5 It mistreated Glenn

    Glenn has been a fan-favorite character ever since his first appearance in the 2nd episode of the first season. Ever since, he has dodged quite a few deaths that seemed inevitable. However, the show did not treat the character with respect given to other characters and fans felt that it was abrupt.

  • 6 It seemed comical

    While the show is based on the comics of the same title, the events seemed somewhat comical. The episode showed Negan to be a ruthless blood-thirsty killer who loved the sound of his voice. The episode gives him a lot of time to do his monologue but doesn't show any other side of his character.

  • 7 It blamed Daryl

    Daryl took action when Negan was terrorizing the group and punched him in the face. That led Negan to brutually kill Glenn, blaming Daryl for his actions. Many fans are frustrated because of that.

  • 8 It added more torture to the fans

    The fans waited as the episode was about to end before the episode ended with a vision of 'the future that would never be', as fans call it. It showed the group of survivors having a grand family dinner to add salt to injury and abuse the fans even more.