Why the sound of eating makes some people so angry

    Why the sound of eating makes some people so angry

  • 1 They have misophonia

    Misophonia is a disorder that forces the person to go into a fight or flight response when sounds are heard. People who have Misophonia are so sensitive to sounds and so might find the sounds of eating done by people very annoying.

  • 2 Repetitive sounds can be annoying

    Repetitive sounds can be found unpleasant to the human ear. When a person makes sounds while eating then probably they will be repeating a certain unpleasant pattern. This pattern can annoy others. See also why we hate to hear our own voices.

  • 3 They lead to disgust

    Some people get disgusted very easily. The sounds of eating can make those people feel disgusted easily and this disgust can turn into anger. See why do people become angry.

  • 4 They consider it disrespectful

    Some people might consider those who make sounds while eating disrespectful. When a person thinks they are being disrespected, they can easily get angry.

  • 5 It disrupts thoughts

    Certain kinds of sounds can disrupt a person's thoughts and prevent them from focusing. Because sounds of eating can result in many different sound patterns, they can easily disrupt a person's thoughts.

  • 6 They are sensitive to noise

    Overly sensitive people can find many sounds unpleasant. The sounds of eating can thus make a sensitive person feel uncomfortable. See why some people are very sensitive.

  • 7 The person is stressed

    Stress can reduce a person's tolerance to sounds and external events in general. When a person is overly stressed, they might find the sound of eating very annoying. See the causes of stress.

  • 8 They suffer from hyperacusis

    Hyperacusis is a rare condition in which a person develops extreme sensitivity to noise. In such a case, most sounds can make a person feel unpleasant and not just the sounds of eating.