Why the think different campaign was successful

  • 1 It was very inspiring

    The campaign was very inspiring. It included some of the highly influential people who affected the world in a positive way. The campaign addressed all the ones who have similar ambitions and who want to do things differently.

  • 2 The campaign made misfits feel good about themselves

    The campaign addressed misfits, rebels and people who think differently and made them feel great about themselves. Those people understood that Apple sees their genius and this created an emotional connection with Apple's brand for those people.

  • 3 The campaign targeted Apple's employees

    The campaign actually addressed Apple's employees. The campaign reminded Apple's staff of their original values and the things the company stood for earlier. The campaign was like a reminder for Apple that it was built to think differently.

  • 4 It sent a strong message to consumers and shareholders

    The campaign sent a strong message to consumers and shareholders that Apple is back on track and is still on its mission to create creative products that can change the world. This fueled the optimism about the company's future.

  • 5 The campaign made Apple's brand personality solid

    The campaign made it clear to everyone that Apple brands are creative, different and life changing. Because the campaign was very emotional, a strong emotional connection was built between people and the Apple brand.

  • 6 The print ads were unique

    Apple didn't put any products in the print ads, but only included pictures of those influential people it featured in the ad with a few words beside them that were taken from the ad itself.

  • 7 The ads were placed in unconventional places

    The ad wasn't placed in computer magazines only, but instead it showed in fashion magazines and other popular magazines. This was a move unheard of in the technology field at that time.

  • 8 People could relate to the different celebrities in the campaign

    The printed campaign included even more celebrities than the TV ad. The large number of influential celebrities advertised made it easy for people to relate to them. It wasn't hard for a person to find a role model in the campaign.

  • 9 The ad created the 'Us' and 'Them' parties

    The ad helped divide consumers into 2 groups. The creative rebels who use Apple products and the ordinary people. This made the campaign appeal to so many people, especially the ones who wanted to be different.

  • 10 The campaign targeted Apple's core markets

    Apple products at that time targeted artists, illustrators, designers and students. Those people were inspired by the campaign simply because it touched their creative spirits, made them appreciate being different and encouraged them to succeed in their creative careers.

  • 11 The campaign was controversial

    The campaign was controversial and this made it more popular. Some people started to wonder why Apple used celebrities who never used Apple's products, while some others started to wonder whether the statement 'Think different' is grammatically correct.

  • 12 The campaign was different

    The campaign was nothing like the campaigns computer companies used to make at that time. It had no Apple products, it had people who don't use Apple products and it didn't send any direct marketing message. This sparked more controversy, which led to more popularity.

  • 13 The campaign gave people hope

    The campaign gave both Consumers and Apple's Employees hope that they can reach their goals, achieve their dreams and win their personal battles.