Why using a mobile phone before sleep is bad

  • 1 Games can result in a fight and flight response

    Challenging games can force the body into the fight and flight response which can prevent a person from sleeping well.

  • 2 The light from the phone can trick the brain into being awake

    The light from the phone can trick the brain into believing that sleeping time didn't come yet and so a person might have troubles falling asleep (See why sleeping beside a switched on TV is a bad idea).

  • 3 Overloads the brain

    According to Webmd checking the email before sleeping can result in stressful feelings that might lead to problems falling asleep. Because the brain gets stimulated it fails to relax and so sleeping becomes a problem.

  • 4 It can make you tired the next day

    According to Huffingtonpost the use of a phone or a tablet right before sleeping can disrupt the release of melatonin and so make a person more sleepy and irritated the next day. 

  • 5 It can lead to depression

    According to psychologists failing to get enough sleep can lead to personality changes, brain changes and even depression. The light from the phone can prevent a person from sleeping deeply during the night.

  • 6 It can delay sleeping

    According to a study people who used Ipads before sleeping had more problems falling asleep and took longer to get into the deep sleep state.

  • 7 Toxins don't leave the body

    According to Dr Dan Siegel ,a psychologist, the body needs to get rid of the toxins that prevent the neurons from working correctly during sleep. If a person used a phone before sleep then this process might not happen and this will impair a person's thinking ability the next day.

  • 8 It can lead to weight gain

    The use of smartphones before sleeping can increase the metabolic rate and lead to more eating and so to weight gain.

  • 9 Phone radiations can have bad impacts

    Some people suggest that radiations coming from cell phones even when they are not being used can cause health problems. Those people suggest taking the electronic devices out of the room when sleeping (See why Cell phones are harmful).