Why was Flappy Bird removed from the App store

    Why was Flappy Bird removed from the App store

  • 1 The developer felt guilty

    The developer said that he felt guilty because the game turned it to be very addictive.

  • 2 Many People got addicted to the game

    Many people Got addicted to the game. Dong Nguyen , the developer, said he just wanted to design a game that can be played quickly by people on the go but he didn't expect it to be that addictive. See how Flappy bird started.

  • 3 Dong's life became uncomfortable

    Dong said that after the App became successful he couldn't sleep normally and he felt that his life became uncomfortable. See why did Flappy Bird get so popular.

  • 4 He doesn't want to be popular

    According to Forbes Dong agreed to talk to them on one condition which is that no photos of him would be shown. Dong seems to hate being popular as he might have found it a burden.

  • 5 The Nintendo theory

    Some people suggest that Dong received threats from Nintendo for copying some of the elements they used in their popular game super Mario. Dong denied that he received any threats from Nintendo. See also why Super Mario became very popular.

  • 6 Messages from angry people

    Dong got messages from angry people and parents because of the addictiveness of the game. He said that those messages motivated him to remove the App from stores. See what makes a game addictive.

  • 7 Dong couldn't handle the pressure

    Dong Tweeted saying that he will take Flappy bird down because he can't handle the pressure anymore. Probably he was referring to the angry emails and the pressure of being popular.