Why was Wasteland 2 a successful Kickstarter campaign?

    Why was Wasteland 2 a successful Kickstarter campaign?

  • 1 It relied on gamers' nostalgia

    Wasteland 1 was a legendary game back in its day. A possible sequel many decades later hit the nostalgia spot with many veteran gamers.

  • 2 It was made by Brian Fargo

    Brian Fargo is the founder of Interplay and InXile games and a game industry veteran. He made many successful games such as Fallout and Baldur's Gate series. Supporters had faith he will deliver once again. See why are Baldur's Gate games popular.

  • 3 It was influenced by Double fine Adventure's success

    Before Wasteland 2's Kickstarter campaign, another game had a tremendous success - Double fine's Adventure game. It gathered $3,336,371 and paved the path for other games to fund themselves over Kickstarter.

  • 4 It's a RPG

    Role-playing games are very popular. Wasteland 2 is a RPG and this attracted people to support it.

  • 5 It was a sequel to Wasteland 1

    Wasteland 1 was a very influential RPG. A sequel to it attracted many RPG players.

  • 6 It was a sequel to the game that inspired Fallout

    Fallout games are very popular. Fallout 1 was heavily influenced by Wasteland 1. There would be no Fallout games if there wasn't a Wasteland game before them.

  • 7 Original Wasteland 1 team was back

    Brian Fargo gathered the original team behind Wasteland 1 to work again on the sequel.

  • 8 Chris Avellone and Colin McComb were writers

    Successful and famous RPG writers Chris Avellone and Colin McComb where brought to work on the game.

  • 9 It allowed for more freedom

    The fact Kickstarter allowed game developers to avoid publishers, meant more freedom in game's content. Publishers often censure games and decide what they will be like.

  • 10 It received media attention

    Media extensively covered Wasteland 2 campaign, hailing it as Brian Fargo's return to the roots of RPGs. See also how to create a successful kickstarter campain.