Why was there a UFO in Fargo

    Why was there a UFO in Fargo

  • 1 It was foreshadowed in the show

    The show foreshadowed that there would be some extraterrestrial life in it from the very beginning. However, that did not come up until the pre-finale of the show.

  • 2 It was left as a cliff-hanger

    The show did not explain the existence of the UFO in the finale. Perhaps this is out of the Coen brother's desire to explain it in a following season or to tie up another story with the story of the family of Solverson.

  • 3 It was added as a comic relief

    The 9th episode of the 2nd season was quite stressful for the watchers, full of blood as the Massacre of Sioux Falls. The Coen brothers and the show runners believed it was important to add stress and a comic relief in the episode through the use of UFOs.

  • 4 It follows up the conspiracy-mindedness of 1979

    In 1979, several movies were released such as Close Encounters and Star Was. The show follows up on shows like that and the mentality of the era.

  • 5 There was a true incident

    There was a true incident in Minnesota involving a state-trooper and a sighting of a UFO and the producers had kept that in mind. 

  • 6 They had the idea in mind for a while

    The makers of the show implied that they would be using a UFO during the second season of Fargo to an executive. However, they did not explain how it would be there just as in the show.

  • 7 It was there to add to the supense

    Most of the show-watchers have had already watched the first season and knew that Lou Solverson would survive the events of the massacre. However, the Coen brothers decided to put it there to add more suspense to the show.

  • 8 They wanted to make it a weather balloon

    Some people told the Coen brothers to make it a weather balloon to match the realism of the show. However, the show-runners decided that it is a UFO and that is what it is. They did not want to manipulate the audience in what it was.