Why we forget information during exams

    Why we forget information during exams

  • 1 High anxiety level

    Most people experience a blank mind during exams because of anxiety. Being nervous about your performance leads to shaky or sweaty hands, quick heart beats, or tension headache. According to studies, such high level of anxiety could lead to forgetting answers students already know.

  • 2 The stressful enviroment

    Most students are used to studying in comfortable places to stay focused and committed. The stressful nature of the exam environment takes relaxation away. Some students cannot cope with such strict atmosphere and end up unable to recall what they have already studied. 

  • 3 Wrong studying method

    According to some researchers, people cannot recall a piece of information by reading it only once. Accordingly, those students who have read the syllabus only one time have not really fully studied it. 

  • 4 Information are stored in short term memory

    Information could not be available at a certain time due to being unsorted in the long term memory.Lack of rehearse,homogeneity,or unusing the questioned information for a long period of time lead to difficult storage process.Accordingly,some student cannot answer what they have studied before.See Idriz-Zogaj-How to become a memory master

  • 5 Studying a few hours before the exam

    Trying to absorb new information just a few hours before the exam puts so much stress on the mind and leads to low results. According to researchers, students have to stop studying the day before the exam and focus on positive thoughts instead.

  • 6 Fear of failure

    Fearing failure leads some people unconsciously to sabotage their chances of success. Fear makes people lose control and become anxious to answer questions they have already studied before. Some people may face a last minute headache or any other physical pain.

  • 7 The student was a passive learner

    A passive learner is someone who is eager to attend lectures, take notes, and hold a verbal discussion regarding a certain topic, but unable to produce in a test. Passive learners have a fake sense of knowledge and insecurity, thus, they get shocked during exams.

  • 8 Sleeping less that 6 hours

    Studies have shown that poor sleep has a negative impact on motivation and performance in exams. Staying up all night studying or cutting sleep short for multiple days lead to attention and concentration problems that are reflected in low performance and grades. 

  • 9 Distractions

    Noise, people sharing their worries, cheating, whispers, and other distractions affect concentration and performance negatively. People need quiet places to study, work, and answer a quiz or exam. A disturbing environment leads to shocking results.