Why women like Paulo Coelho's writings

    Why women like Paulo Coelho's writings

  • 1 He tells woman what they want to hear

    Paulo Coelho knows how to use words to make people, especially women, feel good. Because he usually writes things that woman like to hear, many of them love his writings.

  • 2 He talks about love a lot

    Women usually like to read about relationships and love more than men. Paulo Coelho talks about love in many of his writings, and even if the main theme of his novel is not love, he still mentions love very often, which makes his writings more appealing to women.

  • 3 They help them gain more self-esteem

    Paulo Coelho usually refers to many physiological concepts in his writings such as accepting one's self, believing in one's self and finding people who can truly love you. All of these concepts are usually found very appealing to women.

  • 4 Some women like his personal qualities

    Some women like Paulo Coelho's personal qualities such as ambition, sensitivity, passion and respect for his wife and other women. See why some people dislike Paulo Coelho.

  • 5 He gives them hope

    Paulo's writings are usually very optimistic and full of references to miracles and happy endings. Because he gives hope to people, many people like him, especially women.

  • 6 Women are able to connect with him

    Women have a much stronger desire to connect with people and understand them than men. Because Coelho knows how to appeal to women through his writings, many of them find it easy to connect with him and so like his writings.

  • 7 He is very emotional

    Women are usually more affected by emotional talk than men. Because Paulo Coelho is very emotional and knows how to trigger certain emotions with his writings, women tend to like his writings.

  • 8 His philosophy inspires them

    Many women find Paulo Ceolho's philosophies very inspiring and so they like him.

  • 9 They see him as their teacher

    Many women consider Paulo Coelho their life teacher. They believe that he is enlightened and that his wisdom can help them live better lives.

  • 10 He uses many emotional concepts

    Psychologists say that men are more logical than women, while women are more emotional than men. Some of Coelho's concepts are merely emotional with little logic attached to them, which can appeal to lots of women.