Why women like Snapchat

    Why women like Snapchat

  • 1 Women like creativity

    Women tend to value creativity more than men. Snapchat is a platform that invites creativity and getting artsy with all the filters, emojis and special texts, which is why women generally use it more than men.  

  • 2 Women value privacy

    Snapchat is based on choosing whom to send your pictures, which is ideal for women since not all of them like to share their pictures on social media and make it available for everyone to see. 

  • 3 Women take more selfies

    Women who post too many selfies on other social media apps may be called narcissistic. Snapchat gives women the freedom to take as many selfies as they want without being considered vain since the app is based on taking selfies. 

  • 4 Women may use it to find dates

    Some women may use Snapchat as a resource for finding men to date since it makes it easy to communicate with others in a fun way. See Why do people like Snapchat

  • 5 Filters enhance a woman's features

    Snapchat's filters enhance physical features and make the person look more attractive. Wanting to look attractive may be one reason why women are big fans of Snapchat. See Why Snapchat filters aren't working

  • 6 Filters are like fashion accessories

    Some women see Snapchat's filters as fashion accessories that they like trying in. Women use Snapchat almost every day to check out the new filters and have fun with them. 

  • 7 To show off

    Some women use Snapchat to brag about the fancy places they go to or the expensive things they buy in a socially accepted way. See Why teens like Snapchat

  • 8 To feel connected

    Women value friendship and like to involve their friends in their lives, especially those who don't live in the same country. That is why women enjoy sending snaps and stories of their day to their friends. 

  • 9 Campaigns that target women

    Some women like using Snapchat to follow campaigns that promote self-love and acceptance by posting non-embellished and natural selfies. 

  • 10 To market a brand

    Women use Snapchat as a way to market for their brands, companies, projects as it provides them with the ability to live broadcast their brand and products. 

  • 11 To follow celebrities

    Women are usually more interested in celebrity news and gossip. Snapchat provides them with the ability to follow the latest updates of their favorite celebrities and have access to their personal life that is displayed on the app. See Why do girls love to gossip

  • 12 Women are more social than men

    Women are usually more social than men, especially on social media and messaging-apps. Therefore, Snapchat appeals more to women who like taking photos of themselves and sharing it with friends. In 2013, Snapchat's CEO Evan Spiegel said 70% of the app's users were women.

  • 13 To shop

    Some women use Snapchat to shop for items since seeing the product live ensures authenticity and lessens the chances of being scammed. 

  • 14 To send explicit photos

    Some women and teenage girls use Snapchat to send explicit photos since they know it will disappear in just a few seconds.