Why you should get the Pharaoh RTA tank?

  • 1 It boosts the flavour

    The flavour of the e-liquid is intense when using the tank, which makes it very popular.

  • 2 It is easily buildable

    Rebuilding the tank is something that many people find difficult, but the Pharaoh tank doesn't take much practice to get used to. It has a lift that allows the legs of the coil to be inserted and adjusted easily.

  • 3 It works with single and duel coils

    One of the biggest pros of the Pharaoh tank is that it works with both single and duel coils. There are several ways to build them too and with ease.

  • 4 They have two airflows

    The Pharaoh has two airflows, one at the top and one at the bottom. While the top one is not great, the bottom one is huge and can be adjusted with ticks, which makes it very adaptable.

  • 5 It is huge

    The Pharaoh tank is considered to be a big tank. However, with a simple add-on that comes with the box, it can be expanded from 4.6ml. The expansion tube counts up to 3 extra ml, which makes it 7.6ml in total.

  • 6 It has a liquid flow chamber

    There is a liquid flow chamber that can adjust the amount of liquid that is transferred from the tube to the deck.

  • 7 The top filling decreases the leakage

    The top filling chamber makes the juice stay in the tube. It decreases the amount of leakage greatly.

  • 8 It has interchangeable decks

    The deck could be changed in the Pharaoh RTA; however, that is not included in the box.

  • 9 It is fairly cheap

    The Pharaoh is fairly cheap for the customization it comes with.

  • 10 Spare parts are available

    One of the things that makes the Pharaoh great is the ease of access to spare parts.

  • 11 It gives decent cloud volume

    The Pharaoh does not provide the biggest cloud, but its cloud size is very decent for the specs.