Why you should watch Fargo

    Why you should watch Fargo

  • 1 It's free on Netflix

    Among the variety of shows on Netflix, Fargo has become a sensation in the past couple of years. It is one of the free shows that you can binge-watch on Netflix.

  • 2 It's realistic

    Fargo fictionally states that the events of the story are true. However, while it is fiction, the events take a very realistic turn of events.

  • 3 It deals with normal people

    One of the most impressive things about the show, according to fans and critics, is how it only deals with normal people. There is nothing too special about the characters and they often come with a hint of stupidity. However, there are a few characters that seem to be more than what they are.

  • 4 It explains itself gradually

    The Coen Brothers enjoy misleading viewers before explaining a specific scene that was a cause of mystery.

  • 5 It manipulates the viewers

    One of the most manipulative things about the show is how the first lines of each episode say 'The events of the story are true' which in itself is the first lie in the show and perhaps the biggest. It takes some events and twists them from different angles to show something that didn't happen.

  • 6 The themes are relatable

    Some of the positive points, according to the viewers and critics, is how the show deals with events that actually happen to normal people. Domestic abuse is among the themes of the first show, along with bullying and cancer.

  • 7 The characters are designed well

    Some of the characters like Malvo, Milligan and Hanzee seem to be bigger-than-life, while the majority of characters like Lou and Lester seem like ordinary people. The way the characters are designed is realistic and relatable.

  • 8 The seasons connect eventually

    You can watch either of the two seasons separately and you would not miss much. However, if you watch the two seasons, you get the bonus moment of tying things up naturally.

  • 9 The category of the show

    The show has been set as a 'drama'; however, it falls under the category of action, crime, comedy, and even thriller at some points.

  • 10 The actors of the show are top-notch

    The show has a bunch of award-winning actors and actresses such as Martin Freeman and Patrick Wilson. Additionally, the directing of the MGM production is top-notch.