Why you should watch Westworld

  • 1 It's very popular

    Westworld is one of the most praised shows of 2016 along with Stranger Things, as the fans and critics have praised the two shows. Westworld presents HBO's replacement to the ending Game of Thrones and so far, in its first season, Westworld has grown close to the number of Game of Throne's numbers

  • 2 It is just beginning

    Westworld has just finished its first season and it is a good place to start watching a show. Many people did not watch Game of Thrones because it is in its sixth season and it will take too long to catch up.

  • 3 It has a new concept

    The show follows the concept of artifical intelligence and how far it could go. It does not only stick to artificial intelliegnce. In fact, you hardly know who the show was following even when you're done watching the finale.

  • 4 It follows a complex idea

    The complexity of the show lies in both the method of the show, how it is formed, how it continues and where it leads to; it is all very new. The show is based in a park that relies on artificial intelligence for people to be what they want.

  • 5 It has a philosophical concept

    The concept of free-will, the idea of how artificial intelligence is growing too much and the God Complex are all considered in the show. The show did not rely on a single aspect as is the case with other shows. The show will make you question your reality.

  • 6 It's unpredictable

    Westworld is one of the least predictable shows of the year. You can hardly expect what would happen next and as per the majority of the fans, the ending was entirely unexpected.

  • 7 It has good twists

    According to critics and fans, the show has had some of the least expected twists in television history. The twists happen strangely, and while some of them can be thought of from a point, they are hardly expected to happen with their timing.

  • 8 The atmosphere is stunning

    The wild west has always been a stunning place to imagine and the show manages to capture it beautifully along with music that mixes the new music with the old tunes. The atmosphere will make you feel as if you are part of the show.

  • 9 It follows different stories

    The show follows different characters with no single character being the main one despite how centeric all of them are. It is a lot similar to Game of Thrones when it comes to who you prefer and follow.

  • 10 Everyone will tell you to watch it

    If you have friends who watch TV shows, they will definitely tell you to watch it. If you check shows online on lists that suggest shows to watch for 2016, Westworld has been among the top 3 shows to watch in nearly every list.

  • 11 So it wouldn't be spoiled for you

    People will most likely spoil the show for you if you don't watch it. At that point, while the show is most likely worth watching even if it's spoiled, you won't enjoy it as much.

  • 12 It's a classic remake

    The show is based on a movie of the same title, Westworld that was released in 1973. The show will likely be renewed for 2017 as the movie had a sequel in 1976 titled Futureworld. While the show has followed in the footsteps of the movie, it has surpassed it this year in terms of views.