Why you should watch the movie "Excalibur" (spoiler alert)

    Why you should watch the movie

  • 1 It is based on a famous legend

    The plot of the movie is about the legend of King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table, wizard Merlin, witch Morgana, castle Camelot, the Holy Grail and sword Excalibur. The movie discusses one of the most famous and interesting legends of all time.

  • 2 Teaches people how to keep their faith

    The movie can teach people how to keep their faith. When all hope was lost, king Arthur's most faithful knight Perceval continued on his epic quest to find the Holy Grail. Although everybody failed or completely lost faith in his mission, Perceval fought until he succeeded.

  • 3 The movie educates us about change

    The movie reminds the audience that change is a fact of life and helps them accept this fact. Arthur was a farm boy and then became a king. The kingdom prospered at one moment and then terribly suffered later. The Gods were replaced by one God. (See why embracing change is important for success)

  • 4 Excitement of medieval times

    Sieges, sword fights and betrayals are all part of medieval time. Excalibur tackles these points of excitement well with its interesting characters and great fights.

  • 5 Teaches people responsibility

    The movie reminds people that change can come from within and that they can affect the world they live in. It encourages people to take responsibility of their lives.

  • 6 You can always turn your life around

    Perceval was a thief before becoming the most important knight. Lancelot was an outcast before he redeemed himself. The movie sends the message that it is never too late to change your life completely.

  • 7 It has a critically acclaimed soundtrack

    One of the most famous orchestral songs, 'O fortuna - Carmina Burana', is featured as the movie's theme song. Other masterpieces from Wagner and composer Trevor Jones are among the soundtracks played during the movie. (See also why do people like music)

  • 8 Humans love mysteries

    The mystical world of Excalibur is a world where magic still exists and functions. Witch Morgana and wizard Merlin are magic wielders who simultaneously exist in two worlds. The human mind enjoys the freedom mysteries provide.

  • 9 Horse lovers will connect

    Magnificent horses were used in the movie. People who love horses will relate to the movie and feel connected.

  • 10 It promotes virtues

    The movie features the Knights of the Round Table. The code of honour, chivalry and bravery are part of a knight's daily life. This can inspire people to strive for similar noble qualities in their lives.

  • 11 It has an optimistic ending

    King Arthur is known as 'the once and future king', meaning that one day he will return and lead his people to prosperity once again. Hope never dies and Excalibur reminds people of that optimistic belief.