Why you shouldn't drink sea water to survive

    Why you shouldn't drink sea water to survive

  • 1 More salt than the body can consume

    Sea water contains a much larger amount of salt than what the human body can consume. Drinking sea water can lead to sickness then death.

  • 2 You will become thirstier

    When you drink sea water your body will get rid of lots of water in order to dilute the water you drank. This will make you even thirstier than you were initially.

  • 3 Water will flow outside your cells

    According to the principle of osmosis, water flows from the place with higher concentration of salts to the place of lower concentration. In such a case, your cells will release water instead of absorbing them.

  • 4 You will feel weak

    When your body tries to compensate for fluid loss it will constrict the blood vessels and increase heart rate to maintain the flow to vital organs. This can lead to nausea, weakness and even delirium.

  • 5 It can be tricky

    If a person drinks sea water while being very thirsty then for the first instance he will experience a relief. This can force that person to drink more salt water and as a result get dehydrated faster.

  • 6 Lowers your chances of survival

    The amount of time you can survive without drinking water will usually be much more than the amount of time drinking sea water allows you to. Therefore, drinking sea water reduces your chances of survival.

  • 7 It causes dehydration

    Sea water contains a lot of salt. In order for the body to get rid of this excess salt it needs to dilute it with fresh water. Because your body won't find enough fresh water to do that, dehydration will happen.

  • 8 You will urinate more water

    If you drink sea water your body will have to urinate more water to get rid of the excess salt. This leads to dehydration and ultimately death. See also can drinking your own urine keep you alive.