Why your hair doesn't grow

    Why your hair doesn't grow

  • 1 Cotton pillow cases

    Sleeping on cotton pillowcases causes many hair problems. Cotton cases absorb moisture from hair and create friction between hair and pillows, thus, it becomes weak and dull and stops growing. See Side effects of dying hair with Henna.

  • 2 Washing habits

    Dirty hair is less likely to be positively affected by moisturizing products. Oil and dirt prevent those useful products from penetrating the hair.

  • 3 Genetics

    Humans have unique hair growth; genes are programmed to grow hair to a certain length. Hair goes through three phases: a growth phase, rest phase and shedding phase: anagen, catagen, and telogen. The anagen phase determines the maximal hair length.  

  • 4 Lack of moisture

    According to studies, hair could stop producing neutral oils, thus, it appears poor and limp. Experts advice seeking external moisturizing aids to support healthy hair growth.

  • 5 Poor diet

    Hair suffers from unhealthy food just as the body does. In order to develop healthier hair, people should eliminate junk and greasy foods and eat food that's high in nutritional value. Doctors recommend foods with vitamin A and zinc for longer hair.

  • 6 Stress and anxiety

    Hair breakage or loss is one of the indicators of health issues. According to dermatologists, stress and anxiety lead to an increase in specific chemicals that push hair to shift from growth phase to rest phase. By addressing the stress issue, hair grows back to its normal potential.

  • 7 Using wrong hair styling tools

    Using wrong accessories can lead to hair breakage and damage. Selecting wrong brushes or pins cause hair split and loss. In addition, experts recommend keeping heat styling to a minimum, as excessive heat forces hair to stop growing. See Why hair dryers are bad for you

  • 8 Medications and drugs

    According to dermatologists, medications for thyroid or cholesterol conditions and some antidepressants slow down the hair growth cycle.  

  • 9 Hormonal imbalance

    Pregnancy, menopause, or high testosterone levels lead to hormonal imbalance that affect hair growth's normal cycle. According to studies, by the age of 30, female hormones start to decline and this could be reflected in hair health. 

  • 10 Products containing chemicals

    over-treating hair is one of the causes behind hair damage. Some hair treating products contain dangerous chemicals that are blamed for causing cancer, liver problems and serious hair loss.  See Why Keratin hair treatment is bad for you

  • 11 Over-brushing hair

    Medical professionals and stylists agree that delivering 100 brush strokes daily is harmful routine that will damage your hair and pause growth. In addition, the aggressive brushing routine could lead to the same negative result.

  • 12 Frequent haircuts

    Trimming split ends helps hair to be healthier and indirectly grow faster. However, actual hair cuts don't necessarily lead to hair growth. Some experts even claim that frequent head shaving leads to baldness.