Will season 5 of Sherlock happen?

    Will season 5 of Sherlock happen?

  • 1 Rumours say it's over

    There are rumours all over the Internet saying that Season 4 was the final season of Sherlock.

  • 2 BBC wants season 5

    Despite the drop of viewers at the finale of season 4, BBC channel expressed optimism that the show will eventually return.

  • 3 Moffat is optimistic

    Steven Moffat is optimistic that the show will return. However, he indicated that it would be a while before the show returns again.

  • 4 Cumberbatch wants to be Sherlock again

    Benedict Cumberbatch expressed his desire to continue to play the role of Sherlock Holmes. However, he also hinted that he wanted to play Sherlock in past times as well.

  • 5 Freeman is less optimistic

    Martin Freeman stated that he doesn't know how long it would go on and that everything is becoming more rushed for them than ever.

  • 6 The cast is very busy

    The cast is very busy with their schedules, as Cumberbatch and Freeman are involved with Marvel movies. Aside from that, Cumberbatch is an Oscar nominee and his schedule is likely to be extremely busy and full of offers.

  • 7 The show has long gaps

    The show has long gaps because of the busy schedules and it shows especially between season 3 and season 4 with a three year gap.

  • 8 Showrunners don't know about its return

    The showrunners said that they do not know whether the show will return or not. They said that when the cast is free, they will all gather up to make a few episodes, but they didn't make any promises.

  • 9 There was no cliffhanger in season 5

    Season 5 did not have a cliffhanger like the previous seasons. It ended in a way that could indicate that if the show was to end, it would have ended with a good note.