How to find the right book for you

    How to find the right book for you

  • 1 Start by a problem you are facing

    Let's suppose you want to lose weight. In such a case find a list of books that are written on that topic. Unless a book targets an important problem you are facing, it won't appeal to you, and your mind won't motivate you to read it.

  • 2 Check the best sellers list

    Best sellers are not always great books, but your chances of finding a good book among them are much higher. Check the best sellers lists and see if there are any books that target problems or needs that are important to you.

  • 3 Borrow a few books from your friends and scan the first pages

    Sometimes the best way to find whether a book is for you or not is to read the first few pages. Borrow some books from your friends and see if any of them appeals to you.

  • 4 Use Amazon's look inside feature

    Amazon offers a feature that allows you to read a few pages of a book online before you buy it. If the first few pages appeal to you then there is a great possibility that you will like the book.

  • 5 Experiment until you find the right author

    You have to keep experimenting with books until you find an author that you like. Once you do, you can buy all his books without risking anything. Usually if you like the writing of a certain author then you will also find his other books interesting.

  • 6 Read the books recommended by your favorite author

    Once you find few good books you will easily find new books recommended within their lines. For example, while reading the book 'The Everything Store' which tells the story of Amazon's success, you will find a direct recommendation for the book 'The Innovator's Dilemma'.

  • 7 Look for topics you are passionate about

    Do you like games? Then why not buy a book about games. When you buy a book you are passionate about you will feel like you want to read it and your chances of finishing it will be higher.

  • 8 Ask an avid reader

    Avid readers will quickly tell you which books are worth your time and which ones are not. Don't make the mistake of buying any book they recommend if it doesn't match your interests. Remember you will only be able to read what you personally find interesting.

  • 9 Get recommendations from your favorite bloggers

    Most bloggers recommend certain books and they are usually really good books, but beware not to fall into the trap of believing a blogger who recommends a book just because he wants to get commission. Good bloggers only recommend the books they have read.

  • 10 See the personal reading lists of the celebrities you admire

    Do you like Steve Jobs? Then Google the books he read. Once you find such a list you can safely assume that you will like most of them.

  • 11 Read books about the people you admire

    Do you think Warren Buffet is a legendary investor? Then read the books written about him. What's even better is reading books written by the person you admire in the case that he writes.

  • 12 Check out Amazon's book recommendation service

    When you buy a few books from Amazon, the algorithm will start to recommend books to you that you might like. They usually get it right and recommend very useful books.

  • 13 Check out is a site designed to help people find the right books to read. It's a platform for recommending and discovering great books (see How to read a book really fast).