How to get lots of resources very fast - Clash of Clans

  • 1 Lower your trophies to around 900

    The first step is to force yourself to keep losing until your trophies are around 900. Anywhere from 800 to 1000 will be very good.

  • 2 Search for engineered bases

    Engineered bases are ones that have almost no defense. Keep searching until you find an engineered base with good resources. See why some people build defenseless bases.

  • 3 Attack with very few troops

    Since an engineered base will have very few defenses, you can make the attack with quarter of your army or even just the king and the queen.

  • 4 Turn off the app

    You don't even have to wait for the results of the attack. By just turning off the app and opening it again, you will find the battle results in your log immediately.

  • 5 Keep attacking continuously

    Since you will be attacking with half or even quarter of your army, you will be able to keep attacking continuously since you will never run out of troops. Just make sure you train more troops after each battle.

  • 6 Use fast troops

    Always use troops that can be created fast and not ones that take a lot of time to be trained. This will ensure you never run out of troops.

  • 7 Always make elixir calculations

    You must always calculate the amount of elixir or ark elixir you will use in an attack. As long as you are getting more than you are spending, you will keep gaining resources. See also how to protect your resources.