19 things you need to do to stay motivated

    19 things you need to do to stay motivated

  • 1 Take action until you see results

    Keep taking action and you'll get lucky eventually. This is the best advice you can get on feeling motivated. Nobody stays motivated for a long time with no results or by taking few actions.

  • 2 Remember the lovers as well as the haters

    Do it for the haters and do it for those who want to see you succeed and believe in you. Get it deep inside your brain and you'll find a reason to keep going.

  • 3 Realize that you're running out of time

    You could have reached your goal by now if you hadn't allowed fear or laziness to steer you off track. One day it will be too late, and you'll regret everything you hadn't gotten and every action you hadn't taken.

  • 4 See possibilities in other people's success

    Let other people's success inspire you and make you believe that any goal is achievable. Do this by reading a lot and tracking success stories all over the internet.

  • 5 Believe in a powerful entity

    Steve Jobs once said: 'You have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future'. It doesn't matter what you believe in, as long as you strongly believe that a bigger entity will help you reach your goal. Feeling destined to make it will push you to take more action.

  • 6 Ask yourself: One year from now, where will I be?

    How will I look? How much money will I have? And how successful will I be? Asking these questions helps with overcoming momentary obstacles and creating a goal oriented mentality; the kind of mentality you need to succeed.

  • 7 Avoid overthinking

    Turn yourself into an action taking machine and you'll find yourself much happier, more productive and much more successful. Overthinking creates fear and negativity and will waste your time as well. If you can apply only one tip, apply this one. It will dramatically change your life.

  • 8 Set time for visualization

    Spending a few minutes prior to sleep visualising yourself succeeding will motivate you, shape your next day and make you feel productive in the morning. 'No matter how hard things are, always end the day with a positive thought'. -Zig Ziglar

  • 9 Don't rely on one source for motivation

    Watching or listening to the same material over and over is boring and won't give you the pump you need to work on your goals. By time, things become predictable and less effective.

  • 10 Avoid distractions

    Distractions are counterproductive. They will frustrate you and cause you to doubt your own self-discipline. Prior to jumping on any task, make sure that nothing will disturb you until you're done. This includes your phone, people (family and coworkers), the internet and even daydreaming.

  • 11 Spend less time on social media

    Since most people are negative or at least unsuccessful, it's highly recommended to keep away from those who will distract you or negatively affect your mind. And social media is full of both, distractions and negative people.

  • 12 Less TV, less news

    TV has the same negative effect social media has.

  • 13 Ask again: What will happen if I don't take action?

    Let fear drive you instead of letting it make you think of all bad/negative outcomes that you might get if you don't take action.

  • 14 Stop being a victim

    Avoid assuming a victim mentality, avoid blaming and stop giving excuses. The temporary emotional satisfaction that comes from being a victim is addictive and won't get you anywhere. Believe that you are responsible for everything that happens to you.

  • 15 Find a mentor and stick to his rules for success

    Everybody can talk about success, yet there are only a few who are truly successful. To avoid operating in the wrong mindset, find one or two mentors (max) who are already successful and follow their rules. This will save you time.

  • 16 Exercise (or at least move around)

    Working out, especially strength training and weight lifting will help put you in 'Can-Do' mode, as the endorphins released by your body after exercising create positive feelings that will get you out of the giving up mood.

  • 17 Meditate for at least 10 minutes

    Meditation will help you stay relaxed and enhance your ability to stay focused on a single idea/task. Meditate for 10 minutes whenever you feel frustrated.

  • 18 Listen to motivational audios or podcasts

    90% of the songs you listen to are far from inspiring. Train yourself to listen to motivational songs, audio books and success-related podcasts. You can find some motivational videos from Youtube and convert them to MP3s as well.

  • 19 Someone out there is aiming for your goal

    Assume that you're in a race, believe your competitor is tough and that if you don't double/triple your efforts, you'll end up watching your opponent get what you desire.