The benefits of being a narcissist

    The benefits of being a narcissist

  • 1 They seem over confident

    While narcissists have insecurities, they seem overly confident to most people and this makes them seem more attractive, especially to women.

  • 2 They look good

    Narcissists take care of their looks because of believing that they deserve to be the best. This gets reflected in their clothes, fitness and overall look.

  • 3 They attract women

    Narcissists are considered very attractive to women. Their confidence, and sometimes arrogance, helps make them seem more interesting to women.

  • 4 They don't accept bad Treatment

    A narcissist would never allow someone in their lives who treats them badly. As soon as a narcissist finds that someone is not treating them well, they cut their connection with them. 

  • 5 They are more likely to succeed

    Narcissists usually have a sense of entitlement for success. This sense of entitlement motivates them to succeed and so makes them more likely to achieve success than others.

  • 6 They seem very charming

    A narcissist can seem very charming during the first few social interactions. Narcissists are considered charming because of their self-assured attitude and their sharp looks.

  • 7 They become popular

    A typical narcissist usually manages to impress some fans and so manages to become popular even on a small scale. 

  • 8 They seem very convincing

    Narcissists usually seem very convincing to people since they know how to manipulate them and impress them. A typical narcissist can easily win a debate with another person.

  • 9 They get a career Advantage

    Narcissists might get a career boost because many jobs might require some of their common personality traits like arrogance and ruthlessness.

  • 10 They get less mental illnesses

    Some studies suggest that narcissists get less physical and mental illnesses than other people. Narcissists might thus have a health advantage over people who aren't narcissists.

  • 11 they attract a lot of attention

    Narcissists usually manage to attract lots of attention to them. For some people, this is considered an advantage since it can lead to popularity.