what are the benefits of dancing?

    what are the benefits of dancing?

  • 1 It improves the cardiovascular system

    Studies has shown that dancing helps the body by improving cardiovascular system which is an organ system that permits blood to circulate and transport nutrients.

  • 2 It burns calories

    Through some food monitoring,regular commitment to certain moves and choosing the right music, dancing can help the body to sweat and burn calories. 

  • 3 It boosts memory

    Studies has shown that dancing can prevent the body from developing dementia which is responsible for memory loss.

  • 4 deminishes depression

    According to studies,many people who attended upbeat dance classes showed that they have less depression tendencies than others. 

  • 5 it Improves Flexibility

    Dancing helps the body stretch which makes the body more flexible and less stiff,it also helps to ease joints pain.

  • 6 it reduces stress

    A study that was made by the Journal of Applied Gerontology shows that dancing with a partner helps the body to relief stress.

  • 7 it increases Energy levels

    Regular dancing helps the body to increase energy levels and thus boots your performance and makes you more of an active person.

  • 8 it Helps Your Heart

    An Italian study has shown that people with heart failures who took up waltzing dance classes prove a healthier life than people who only exercised on treadmills. 

  • 9 it improves confidence

    Dancing improves an atmosphere of self confidence ,by learning new moves and getting creative with accompanying your body moves with the tempo of the song this could strongly help you build self-esteem.  

  • 10 it Improves agility

    A researcher called Dr Paul Dougall made a study in 2010 at the Strathclyde University that proves that people who attend dance classes have stronger legs and thus they have the ability to walk better than people in the same age bracket who took other exercises like walking,swimming and golf. 

  • 11 it helps you relax

    Dancing provides an away time from daily stress tasks and thus helps you focus more on yourself and also helps you relieve stress. 

  • 12 it's fun

    Many people's idea of health care is all about adapting to boring habits and some food monitoring system,when this is not entirely true,dancing is a fun-healthy way to get rid of stress, lose weight and relieve stress without having to overtake boring habits.

  • 13 it improves Social life

    Dance classes is the best place to meet new friends without having to pressure it ,meeting new friends and improving your social life could increase your happiness and reduce your stress.