what are the benefits of learning spanish

  • 1 It's the second most popular language

    According to Wikipedia, 427 million people speak Spanish as their native language. This makes it the second most popular language based on the number of native speakers.

  • 2 There are many Spanish speakers in the USA

    The number of native Spanish speakers in the USA was 41 million in 2015. According to the same report, another 11.6 million were bilingual children who also spoke Spanish.

  • 3 Having a better CV

    Being able to speak a popular language such as Spanish will improve your CV and might help you find a job in an easier way.

  • 4 Spanish is a fast growing language

    Spanish language isn't only popular, but it's also growing in popularity. As time passes, the Spanish language might gain more advantages.

  • 5 It's the official language in 21 countries

    Spanish is the official language in 21 countries. Learning Spanish can thus give you a better chance to travel or work in such countries.

  • 6 It won't take much time

    Spanish is an easy to learn language compared to other complex languages. Learning Spanish can thus take less time than it would take to study another difficult language. See also why we speak different languages.

  • 7 Spanish can be important for business

    With the large number of Spanish speakers in the world, Spanish can sometimes be a requirement if you work for a certain business that deals with Spanish speaking customers.

  • 8 It can improve your English

    Spanish is based on the Latin language just like English. Spanish can thus help you understand English better and even expand your vocabulary.

  • 9 Understanding the Hispanic culture better

    The Hispanic culture is a very rich culture. When you learn Spanish, you will get the chance to understand the Hispanic culture in a much better way. 

  • 10 Better brain

    According to studies, learning a foreign language can improve brain power, make you sharper, help you develop a more complex mind, in addition to many other benefits. See the benefits of learning a second language.

  • 11 Spanish is a second language in many countries

    Spanish is considered a second language in many countries. Learning Spanish might give you a better advantage if you ever traveled to such countries.