why some women always nag

  • 1 They have doubts

    Some women nag and focus on very little details when they have doubts about the man's emotions. In such a case, the purpose of the nagging could just to make sure that the man does the actions that show their love.

  • 2 They have insecurities

    Women are generally more insecure than men. A woman could nag when she feels insecure about one aspect of the relationship. A woman could nag about something just to find out indirectly whether a certain possibility is true.

  • 3 They are highly sensitive

    Women are in general more sensitive than men. The high level of sensitivity can force women to focus on very subtle signs as they might give them different meanings.

  • 4 Men are not meeting their demands

    Some women nag when they realize that their men are not meeting their demands. Those demands could either be emotional or real life demands. In all cases, a woman might keep repeating the same thing over and over until the demand is met.

  • 5 To feel more in control

    Women sometimes nag in order to get more power. Gender stereotypes can sometimes put women in a weak position and so they might feel like nagging their way out.

  • 6 It's part of the power struggle

    Some women might fight for power in a relationship. In such a case, nagging might be part of the power struggle taking place in the relationship.

  • 7 Women pay more attention to details

    In social interactions women pay more attention to details than men. The more attention given to detail can sometimes make the woman think that a problem is happening whereas nothing might be wrong.

  • 8 They want to feel important

    If a woman felt that her man is ignoring her then she might nag in order to feel important again. It's the woman's impression about the man's feelings that results in nagging in such a case.

  • 9 They want to get things done

    Some women simply nag because they want to get some important tasks done. When those women find that some important tasks are not completed they might keep nagging.