why are competitive sports good for kids

  • 1 It helps them perform faster

    Competition drives kids to learn faster and perform at a higher level. When kids takes part in a competition, they push themselves harder and faster to reach their goals. 

  • 2 It brings out the best in them

    Human beings naturally push themselves harder when they're in a competition. Keeping score of how we perform gives us extra motivation and forces us to do our best. 

  • 3 Competition teaches confidence

    Competition manages people's nerves; it makes them a lot more confident and courageous. Competition can be the best motivation when someone is forced to do something.

  • 4 It teaches risk-taking

    If a kid learns that competition is not as terrifying as it may seem, they can start developing their confidence and take risks.

  • 5 It teaches them to cope

    Sometimes people can work hard to, but still lose. Constant competition helps people cope with loss and become a lot stronger.  

  • 6 It helps them set goals

    Competition provides deadlines and progress checks, which can help people become dedicated and make them become disciplined.  

  • 7 It teaches them to follow rules

    Competition teaches people to play by the rules, which can help a person come up with strategies to use those rules in their favor.  

  • 8 It teaches commitment

    Part of being competitive forces you to be committed to the sport you play. The more you get in competitions, the more you develop a habit of commitment.  

  • 9 Opportunities to travel

    Being a part of a competition gives us a chance to meet and interact with people from different places and different countries.  

  • 10 It makes them better at school

    A lot of data shows that students who are involved in competitive sports are less likely to drop out. And it's no surprise that the discipline gained from a competitive sport can help kids perform well at school.