Why are recommendation letters important?

  • 1 To show endorsement

    A glowing recommendation letter could help you seem qualified for the job you are applying for. If the people you worked with before endorse you well in their letters of recommendation, you could easily get the job.

  • 2 It proves your hard work

    Recommendation letters prove to your potential employer that you were on good terms with your former employer, and that you were an important contributor in your previous job.  

  • 3 It proves you are fit for the new company

    If the letter includes the job title of your former employer, it could easily make them in a position of determining how suitable you are for the new company.  

  • 4 It includes your qualifications

    Qualifications (based on the former employer's suggestions) are usually included in the body of the letter of recommendation. In this part, the writer mentions the skills and traits that could fit directly in the recommended position.  

  • 5 It includes your achievements

    Recommendation letters could also include the number of hours, credits and awards that were given to the employee by the previous company. The best recommendation letters give a detailed description of your achievements and accomplishments. 

  • 6 It describes your personal qualities

    A recommendation letter often describes personal skills that make you eligible for the new job. In a recommendation letter, there must be a solid reference to your ability to write and communicate contents regarding your job.  

  • 7 It shows your qualities

    A recommendation letter can include one or two examples that show how intelligent, flexible and responsible you are. This could be a very attractive point for the new employer to consider hiring you.  

  • 8 It shows your value

    Some employers think that your previous experience in companies that you worked in before could be always more important than your college degree because it shows your value in your field of expertise on a practical level. 

  • 9 It shows your years of experience

    A recommendation letter could include your years of experience in your field of interest. If it's more than four years, it could make it easier for you to get the job.  

  • 10 It shows how employers perceive your work

    It is important that your recommendation letter seems favorable to your employer, and that your former employer endorsed your hard work and is willing to recommend you to other companies. 

  • 11 It can replace your education

    Recommendation letters can play a major role when your educational backgrounds fail to help you, if you worked in your field of interest for a relevant course of time.  

  • 12 It conveys your uniqueness

    One of the major roles of a recommendation letter is that it conveys what is unique about you. The person recommending you will be the one who'll describe how efficient and suitable you are for the new job.