Why did Blackberry Messenger fail

    Why did Blackberry Messenger fail

  • 1 The iPhone arrived

    When the iPhone arrived it disturbed the whole industry by shifting the new standards towards touch screens. Blackberry was slow to adapt to that change and as a result both Apple and Google erased a large portion of its market share (see Why do some people love iphones that much).

  • 2 Whatsapp was available to every phone

    So many people used BBM to communicate with their friends. When Whatsapp became available on every phone many people shifted from BBM to Whatsapp.

  • 3 BBM users were only able to communicate with each other

    BBM Messenger only allowed users to communicate with others holding a Blackberry. This was frustrating to many people and so they shifted to Whatsapp which allowed them to communicate with anyone who had a smartphone.

  • 4 A small number of apps on Blackberry world

    The app store on the Blackberry was weak compared to the powerful ones found on both Android and iPhones. People started shifting to those phones, leaving Blackberry behind.

  • 5 Android phones took the majority of the market share

    The Android with its open system took over the majority of the market share of phones. This left a very small portion for Blackberry.

  • 6 RIM failed to innovate

    While Apple was innovating and making the smartphone more powerful, RIM was slow to adapt and as a result so many people dumped the Blackberry to get the more advanced iPhone or Android phone.

  • 7 The company was focused on business users

    The company was too focused on business users without noticing that ordinary consumers were the ones who control the smartphone revolution.

  • 8 Late to adapt

    When Blackberry decided to release a touch phone it was too late. When they decided to let other phones download their software it was also too late. Because they were always late movers, they didn't make it.

  • 9 Missed the fact that phones were becoming entertainment hubs

    BBM was too focused on email and communication that they missed the fact that phones were becoming fully fledged entertainment hubs. This lead so many people, especially ordinary consumers, to dump the Blackberry phone.

  • 10 The Z10 Failed

    The Z10, Blackberry's late response to competitors, was released after it was too late and it failed miserably, putting the company in a worse position.

  • 11 Delay in introducing an advanced OS

    When Apple released the iPhone it was the first phone to run a fully fledged OS. Blackberry was late to introduce an advanced OS and that's one reason it failed.