Why do Asians use chopsticks

  • 1 It was used for cooking

    Roughly 4,000 or 5,000 years ago in China, chopsticks were used for cooking because they were perfect for reaching the ends of pots filled with boiled water.

  • 2 They eat little bits of food

    When the population increased in china, cooking materials became incredibly scarce. At that time, people started to cut their food into tiny pieces and so it became easier for them to eat with chopsticks.

  • 3 It was cheaper

    When Asians needed cheaper materials that could replace forks and knives, chopsticks were their perfect choice because chopsticks were easy to make from cheap material, and so the trend was born. 

  • 4 It was based on Confucius' teaching

    Using chopsticks was derived from Confucius's teachings. Confucius, was a vegetarian who believed that eating with knives was inappropriate.  

  • 5 To prevent food poisoning

    Silver chopsticks were sometimes used to prevent food poisoning because it was believed that silver tools can turn black if they sensed any life threatening matters.  

  • 6 Chopsticks can pick Asian rice

    The rice that grows in Asia is often either short or medium to long sized, often gummy or clumpy and it's easy to pick with chopsticks. Asian rice can stick together while being picked with chopsticks. 

  • 7 They're gentler on chinaware

    Chopsticks were only used as a tool to stir boiled food in pots long before it was used on dinner tables. But when people figured out how the chopsticks are gentler on the chinaware, they stated using it on dinner tables. 

  • 8 The use of chopsticks reflected Chinese pragmatism

    The use of chopsticks revealed the frugality in overcoming life's complexities. Famine and drought were spread all over ancient China so families had to eat very little portions using chopsticks. 

  • 9 To cut costs

    In the past, China had to use metal materials for weapons and making tools, so there weren't any materials left for cooking utilities except for wood and bamboo, so they made chopsticks and it became a trend.  

  • 10 They think knives and forks belong to the kitchen

    The primary reason for using chopsticks instead of forks and knives is that chefs felt that knives and forks belong only in the kitchen and not on the dinner table.

  • 11 So the dressing doesn't run out

    Chinese people add dressings and sauce to their food. They think chopsticks are the perfect utilities to use so as not to waste the meal.

  • 12 Stabbing food is uncivilized

    Chopsticks don't have pointed ends, which can make you not stab food. Chinese people consider stabbing food a crime.