Why artists don't like to follow rules

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  • 1 They like to question rules

    Most artists' inspiration comes from questioning what society tells them; it's what makes their art successful.

  • 2 To get innovation

    Artists think that rules are made to protect the status quo , and their innovation won't spur unless they drift away from reality. 

  • 3 They're rebellions

    Artists lean more towards freedom, and rules to them are things established by people with power. 

  • 4 To evolve

    Artists think that without breaking the rules, their art won't evolve. Breaking the rules was the reason why many art waves came out. 

  • 5 Rules are mere theories

    Artists don't believe that rules are facts; they think that rules are based on theories of what is best for the current time, which won't fit when creating something unique.  

  • 6 Rules don't fit them

    Some artists think that rules don't fit them because they don't serve them in most situations because there aren't rules that are tailored for certain situations.

  • 7 Rules don't work with them

    Since art is about creating, if an artist is restricted with what is common, the people wont be interested in their work at all.

  • 8 It's daring

    Some artists break rules because it helps them feel fearless when they create their artwork. 

  • 9 They're not okay with how society works

    Most artists don't like the way society works, as they don't like to be restricted by dogmas or common beliefs.     

  • 10 They limit creativity

    Many artists dislike rules because they limit their creativity and force them to think in a rigid manner. Many artists like to experience a great degree of freedom to remain as creative as possible.

  • 11 They restrict their way of thinking

    According to studies, sticking too much to rules can limit one's creative abilities and limit their way of thinking. Many artists might want to avoid rules to think in an unrestricted manner.