Why do babies cry?

  • 1 They're hungry

    Babies who cry while holding their stomach or looking at their mother's hand are usually hungry. Some hunger signs also include fussing, lip smacking and rooting.  

  • 2 They have stomach problems

    If a baby cries frequently, they might be suffering from tummy troubles like having a lot of gas or colic pains.  

  • 3 They want to burp

    When babies swallow air after being feed fed, they feel uncomfortable if this air isn't released. Some babies are strongly bothered by this air in their tummies, so they start crying intensely. 

  • 4 They're wearing a dirty diaper

    Some babies like to show their mothers right away when their diapers are dirty. They keep crying till their diapers are changed. 

  • 5 They need to sleep

    Babies can make a huge fuss when they're overly tired. Research has shown that babies who are put into bed as soon as they yawn cry less and become healthier. 

  • 6 They want someone to hold them

    Babies like to be constantly pampered. They're also usually very attached to their parents that they always want to see their faces, hear their voices or hold their fingers, so crying can be their way of asking for that. 

  • 7 They're cold

    Babies can feel cold when you change their diapers or give them a shower, so as a way to protest this, they keep crying. 

  • 8 They're too sensitive

    Some babies are sensitive to certain fabrics or scratchy clothing tags. They can also be very picky in certain things like how you hold them or what bottles you give them.

  • 9 They want less stimulation

    Sometimes babies have a hard time processing what's around them from noise, lights or people talking, and they can cry as a way to ask for less stimulation.

  • 10 They want more stimulation

    Sometimes babies can be very demanding, and one of the things they can be eager to do is to see the world around them, and the only way to stop them from crying is to take them out or let them stay active.  

  • 11 They're not feeling well

    Some signals of high fever or any other illness could be constant crying. The signs of a sick baby will always seem different than a hungry baby or a frustrated one. 

  • 12 They want to play

    Some babies get bored easily from the lack of activities and the only way to distract them could be playing with them.