Why do flies rub their legs

  • 1 To clean them

    Flies rub their legs in order to clean them. Flies use their legs to sense different things and so they must be clean for them to do things accurately.

  • 2 To sense things better

    Flies clean all of their sense organs including their legs in order to sense things better. 

  • 3 To clean smell receptors

    Flies use smell receptors to smell the world around them. They clean themselves when those receptors get unclean. This allows them to smell the world more accurately.

  • 4 It's a part of the body cleaning routine

    Flies don't just clean their legs, but they clean their bodies and sense organs. Flies, just like some other insects, spend some time cleaning themselves.

  • 5 Their legs collect bacteria

    The legs of flies contain granular hairs that collect cacteria and other micro organisms. Flies thus clean themselves to get rid of those micro organisms. 

  • 6 To fly with precision

    Flies clean their sense organs in order to be able to better sense the world and so fly with better precision.