Why do mosques have domes

    Why do mosques have domes

  • 1 It's for decoration

    Domes are used purely for decoration purposes. An Islamic mosque isn't required to have a dome but it became a trend as it made mosques look good.

  • 2 The style was borrowed from Turks

    It's believed that the Dome-style building was borrowed from the Turks during the period where the ottoman empire had control over many middle eastern regions. After some time it became a very popular building style for mosques.

  • 3 It was borrowed from the Byzantines

    Some people suggest that the Turks borrowed the dome-building style from the Byzantines who had many of those domes in their cathedrals.

  • 4 to be recognized from a distance

    Mosques are sometimes built with a unique style in order to help people recognize them from a distance. If a Muslim wanted to pray in a mosque, they can easily locate it because of its shape.