Why do people like to go to Kazakhstan

  • 1 It's a good place for detoxing

    Most cities in Kazakhstan are simple; they lack development and they don't have junk food except in the big city, which makes it a perfect place for a detox. 

  • 2 Many natural places

    Kazakhstan has a lot of natural places people usually go to for travelogues, photo shoots or simply to enjoy the simplicity of nature.  

  • 3 It has an interesting history

    An interesting thing about Kazakhstan's history is that it dates back to 10,000 BC (the Neolithic era) when cavemen started inventing weapons.

  • 4 It has good food

    Although food in Kazakhstan lacks variety, it is a perfect place for eating extremely healthy food. People enjoy eating in Kazakhstan, as it makes them feel like they're in touch wit their inner caveman. 

  • 5 To enjoy the hospitality

    Like an other nomadic culture, hospitality is something Kazakh people are known for. Kazakh people always meet tourists with friendly faces. 

  • 6 To see Altyn Emel

    Altyn Emel is the state's national natural park. It's special because it has rare animals and plant species and some historical and cultural monuments.

  • 7 To see Kolsai Lakes

    Kolsai Lakes is one of Kazakhstan's most beautiful attractions. It's two hours away from Altyn Emel park and it also stands 2000 meters above sea level. 

  • 8 To see the Ascension Cathedral

    The Ascension Cathedral in Almaty is a famous and beautiful Russian Orthodox cathedral located in Panfilov park in Almaty

  • 9 To see the Medeu

    The Medeu is a speed skating rink, and it's considered one of the highest in the world. Medue is 1,691 above sea-level. 

  • 10 To go to Khan Shatyr

    Khan Shatyr is a huge transparent tent in the capital city of Kazakhstan. It's considered one of the most important symbols of Kazakhstan.

  • 11 To see Bayterek

    Bayterek is a tourist attractionl it's an observation tower in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana. It is one of the most important monuments in Kazakhstan.  

  • 12 To visit Nur-Astana Mosque

    Nur-Astana Mosque is also a very important monument in Kazakhstan. It's considered the second largest mosque in the world.