Why do people like to visit Qatar

    Why do people like to visit Qatar

  • 1 To go to the Pearl of Qatar

    The Pearl of Qatar is a man made island shaped like a pearl. It's home to tons of luxury villas, shopping malls and entertainment centers. 

  • 2 To enjoy Doha's corniche

    In the capital city, Doha, there exists a corniche that extends for several kilometers along Doha bay.     

  • 3 To visit Souk Wakif

    Souk Wakif is home to tones of Shidha lounges and traditional restaurants. It is also a perfect place to buy garments, spices, handicrafts and souvenirs.

  • 4 To go to Al Maha Sanctuary

    At Al Maha Sanctuary, people go to see endangered milky antelopes and gazelles.

  • 5 To visit the Museum of Islamic Art

    The Museum of Islamic Art is an iconic museum that was designed by I. M. Pei. It is located along the corniche of Doha.

  • 6 To see the heritage and culture of Doha

    The forests and towers in Doha are proof of urbanization from the ancient times. 

  • 7 Doha's shopping experience

    People can shop in Doha, as there's a combination of modern and traditional shops there.

  • 8 To go to Al Wajbah Fort

    The fort is a historical place built in 1882 and was the location of an important battle in history when Mohamed Thani defeated the Ottoman army. 

  • 9 To visit aspire park

    Lush Greenland is the perfect place for lovers and families. People in Qatar usually go there on weekends. 

  • 10 To visit Katara Cultural Village

    This place fascinates visitors with traditional folkore, theater and architecture. It's in the eastern coast between the Pearl of the Gulf and West Bay in Doha.