Why do people visit Bulgaria

  • 1 Natives are nice

    Although there might be a huge language barrier between you and them, this might result in really funny situations because Bulgarians are funny and friendly.  

  • 2 Bulgarians make good food

    The local cuisine in Bulgaria is really good. It is a mixture of Slavic, Greek and oriental food. Some people think that Bulgarian menus alone are worth the cost of a flight ticket.

  • 3 It's full of history

    Plodiv is among the oldest cities in Europe; some studies showed that it's the oldest still existing city in the world even though the Bulgarian history only dates back to the 7th century.     

  • 4 It has good landscapes

    Bulgaria has some breathtaking landscapes; people go there to hike and enjoy some amazing panoramic views. 

  • 5 They get great value

    Tourists always get great value out of the money they spend on a trip to Bulgaria. The quality of everything they get there is very good. 

  • 6 To relax

    The density of mineral water in Bulgaria makes it one of the most popular wellness places in the world. Most of the hotels have spas, jacuzzis, hamams and also honey massages.   

  • 7 It's easy to travel to

    Within Europe, traveling to Bulgaria is really accessible. Bulgaria offers a lot of low-cost-carrier options, which makes it cheap for many countries in Europe. 

  • 8 It's a good winter destination

    Bulgaria has more than 200 km of slopes. The biggest resort, Bansko, hosted several FIS world-cups. 

  • 9 To visit Sofia

    This city is a great place to visit during the weekend. The city has good bars, funny street art and impressive sights.   

  • 10 Road-trips are enjoyable

    Bulgaria received a lot of support from the EU regarding the infrastructure of its roads. During the last few years, a lot of highways were opened and can now get you from from Sofia to The Black Sea within 4 hours. 

  • 11 To see the good architecture

    there's a great mixture of architecture in Bulgaria between old architecture, concrete buildings and modern skyscrapers.