Why do people like the show FRIENDS?

  • 1 The funny songs

    The songs that Phoebe played were particularly funny and honest and some of them were surprisingly successful. Smelly Cat, for instance, was recorded and video-clipped in 'The One Where Eddie Moves' in Season 2.

  • 2 Janice's character is really funny

    Janice was one of the most recurring actors during the whole show. Maggie Wheeler played well the role of the classic nasally-voiced, drama queen and obnoxious Janice.    

  • 3 Ross and Rachel's love story

    Rachel and Ross' love story lasted for the whole 10 seasons of the sit-com. Ross fell in love with Rachel in 9th grade, but he only let her know about his feelings when they were 27. 

  • 4 Chandler's jokes

    Chandler Bing is the comedian of the group who always tells his jokes in the most inappropriate time. He says that he uses his sense of humor as a defense mechanism.  

  • 5 It's lifelike

    The fact that the characters of the sitcom Friends seemed real to the audience is one of the things that made the show very popular.  

  • 6 It deals with daily experiences

    Friends deals with the human experience of happiness, comfort, loneliness, rejection and success, which the viewers can relate to.

  • 7 It's about friendship

    The creator's official pitch of the show in NBC explained: “And it’s about friendship because when you’re single and in the city, your friends are your family.”

  • 8 You can relate to the characters

    Each character of the 6 Friends can be just like you in the things they do, the way they were raised and in the way they deal with their friends.    

  • 9 The perfect friendship

    The amount of loyalty the characters in friends had made the audience wish they had those kinds of friends in their lives. 

  • 10 It never gets old

    No matter how many times people watch any of the episodes of friends, they still laugh when they watch it again as if it was their first time.