Why do some people like to go to Cuba?

  • 1 They like its beaches

    Cuba has 22 km of white sand beaches with palm trees and pineapple drinks. People also like the color of the beaches there. 

  • 2 Street entertainment

    People like to go there because they like the various forms of entertainment at the bars and streets where people can see live singers and ballet dancers everywhere.

  • 3 To buy cigars

    Cuba has the finest cigars. Oeople go to the Partagas Cigar Factory in Havana to be guided to Vinales where they can visit the tobacco farms.

  • 4 Random hosting

    The Cuban government has been allowing locals to host tourists for a long time now. That way tourists can explore Cuba with the guidance of Cuban families.

  • 5 To use vintage cars

    Some people are crazy about vintage cars, and they go to Cuba because of its many vintage cars ranging from Chevrolet, Buick to Ford. 

  • 6 It's off grid

    People like to go to Cuba so that they'd get away from everything they experience on daily basis in their countries. Cuba has no WiFi connections or social networks so no one from work or home can reach them there. 

  • 7 The dancing

    People enjoy the dance nights at restaurants or bars. They also enjoy the cheep salsa dancing classes in Havana. See why dancing is good for you 

  • 8 The rum

    People like to enjoy refreshing rum in Cuba in the hot Caribbean sun. Cuba also has the best mojitos and people also like to try the Havana club brand that is very famous and is sold in most of the restaurants and bars.  

  • 9 The food

    People like to try Cuban cuisine whether in the street or fancy restaurant foods. Cuba has a variety of special Cuban meals like Ropa Vieja Pernil Relleno de Moros y Cristiano or Vaca Frita. 

  • 10 The real life Cuban experience

    Walking in Cuba around neighborhoods is really safe. People go there with their cameras and enjoy taking pictures of the real life in Cuba where kids play around vintage cars, street vendors and local bakeries.  

  • 11 Scuba diving

    People who visit Cuba take daring trips to its diving centers and explore swimming around the finest corals and at the Bay of Pigs

  • 12 to visit Vinales

    Vinales is a wonderful city people go and enjoy horseback riding ,touring in the organic farms or hiking.