Why do we like to go to the beach?

    Why do we like to go to the beach?

  • 1 It's in our genes

    A theory was proposed by the zoologist, Desmond Morris, in his book, The Naked Ape, that our ancestors, the homo-sapiens, used to live by the shores to dive for seashells.   

  • 2 They're low maintenance

    People who like spending long times by the sea are people who find pleasure in pleasant views, the sense of the hot sun on their skin and some refreshing water. 

  • 3 They like to go out

    People who like to go to the beach aren't the kind of homey people who only enjoy spending time watching Netflix and eating popcorn. They're rather adventurous people who like to go out and do some activities by the sea.   

  • 4 It's relaxing

    People who go to the beach find lying on the sand at the beach very relaxing. 

  • 5 It's free

    Some beaches in some countries are free to enter. Some people think that going to the beach is the best way to enjoy your time on any budget.  

  • 6 To relax from work

    People who like to go the beach are people who enjoy some time unplugged from the screens of their computers and away from work-related stress, which makes them a lot happier in their lives. 

  • 7 To spend a good time

    Some people go out to enjoy a picnic with their family, friends and relatives by the beach so that they'd find some time to relax.

  • 8 To enjoy nature

    People who like to go to the beach like to spend some time alone to watch the clouds, listen to the sea waves, or watch the sunset by the sea. 

  • 9 To do water activities

    Adventurous people like daring water activities such as diving, kitesurfing, windsurfing, deep sea fishing and big game fishing.  

  • 10 It gives them a sense of belonging

    Everyone has some childhood memories at the sea, so when people go to the beach, they find a sense of belonging. 

  • 11 Swimming is healthy

    Swimming is good for the muscles, as it helps people relax during the hot weather, and it makes people enjoy their time. 

  • 12 To get a dose of sunshine

    Sunshine is a good source of vitamin D, which is responsible for increasing the absorption of calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc.