why do some people like violence and gore in games & movies

    why do some people like violence and gore in games & movies

  • 1 It's new

    The brain gets bored of repetition and gets interested in new and unexplored things. Where else can a person see a person getting brutality murdered or tortured except in a game or a movie?

  • 2 They know it's not real

    People who like violent movies aren't necessarily violent. The same person who enjoys such movies or games might feel extremely bad when he witnesses a real life accident. Because people know that such movies and games aren't real they are able to enjoy them (See why some people like horror movies).

  • 3 Feeling superior to the victim

    Human beings always strive for superiority in so many different ways. When a person sees someone else getting punished or killed he feels superior because he knows that he is safe.

  • 4 Self-esteem boost

    When a person sees someone being tortured or murdered in game or a movie his self-esteem increases as a result of knowing that his life is much better than that of the victim.

  • 5 The violence is justified

    An ordinary person might feel really bad if he sees someone being tortured but after the plot shows that a serial killer ruined many families by killing many of their members, violence and gore become justified and people actually feel good when they see that person getting tortured.

  • 6 They love them for other reasons

    A person can love a violent movie or game for reasons that have nothing to do with the love of violence or gore such as enjoying the thrilling plot, getting an adrenaline rush or escaping boredom.

  • 7 Sadism

    A person who has a certain degree of sadism might enjoy such movies. Some people can be sadistic towards certain races but not others. Those people are more likely to enjoy movies and games featuring members of those races suffering.

  • 8 Curiosity

    Sometimes people like those movies or games out of curiosity. Instead of wondering what might happen if a person is tortured in a certain way, they can get answers by watching movies such as Saw.

  • 9 Allows some of the stored violence to be released

    Games can sometimes help people release anger, stress and their inner violence (See why angry birds became popular).

  • 10 People enjoy violence and gore to a certain extent with varying degrees

    A person might enjoy saw I yet find saw IV disturbing. A person might enjoy the Saw series but find the Hostel series very disturbing. People enjoy violence and gore with varying degrees.

  • 11 Frustration build up

    As frustration builds up a person can feel relieved when the source of frustrating gets punished. In a game, for example, a person might feel good when the enemy gets brutally killed.