Why do some people prefer to eat organic food

    Why do some people prefer to eat organic food

  • 1 They’re free of neurotoxins

    Toxins are damaging to the brain cells. During World War I, nations used to use toxins as a nerve-damaging agent. After war, industries started using them to kill pests on food.  

  • 2 They’re good for children

    Children's brains and bodies are less defenseless against toxins than adults. Choosing organic food helps them grow in a healthy way without the exposure to pesticides which could harm their bodies and nerve systems.  

  • 3 They are not pesticide factories

    Genetically modified seeds and foods are designed to develop their own pesticides. Research has shown that these foods could continue growing pesticides in your body.

  • 4 it pollutes drinking water

    EPA estimated that pesticides pollute drinking water for half of the American population. Organic farming could be the solution to the problem. Buying organic food helps in reducing pollution in our drinking water.  

  • 5 Organic food is good for the environment

    Modern agriculture has destructed our environment through the wide use of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers. Organic production, on the other hand, has been around for a thousand years and is still sustainable.  

  • 6 it ensures independent farmers

    Buying organic foods grown on small-scale organic farms could help independent family farmers have a better life.  

  • 7 organic food tastes better

    Most organic foods tastes better than pesticide grown ones. Which leads people to buying it instead of the others. 

  • 8 it is not exposed to gas-ripening

    organic food is usually not exposed to gas-ripening unlike inorganic-foods which is usually exposed to it.   

  • 9 Organic farms are safer for farm workers

    Research has shown that 70% of Parkinson’s disease patients were exposed to pesticides. Choosing organic food over non-organic will help those workers shift to working in organic farms. 

  • 10 Organic food supports wildlife

    wildlife could be harmed in non-organic farms by being exposed to pesticides.

  • 11 it reduces cancer risk

    EPA thinks that non-organic foods could be responsible for the high numbers of people getting cancer. They say that 60% of herbicides, 90% of fungicides, and 30% of insecticides potentially cause cancer.

  • 12 it is tried and tested

    Genetic modification food is still being experimented, unlike organic food which has been tried and tested long ago.