Why do some people slip back into addiction

  • 1 stress

    One of the main triggers of relapse is stress. People sometimes tend to use drugs when they're stressed to release their stressful feelings, which usually leads to addiction or relapsing.  

  • 2 depression

    withdrawal could lead drug users to depression. Depression can easily drive people to relapse even if the addiction didn't occur in the first place.   

  • 3 Anxiety

    Anxiety is also one of the triggers of relapse. Addicts are usually prescribed with SSRIs during their treatment. However, if the drug user stopped this medication, they could easily slip back into addiction. 

  • 4 overconfidence

    When people start treatments, they become too confident that they could avoid all the triggers, but when they start confronting the triggers, they might relapse.  

  • 5 loneliness

    Feelings of loneliness are one of the main triggers of relapse. People who live alone or have very few friends are more likely to slip back into addiction.  

  • 6 self-pity

    Self-pity is one of the major reasons behind both addiction and relapse. When addicts start feeling sorry for themselves they go back to using drugs just to avoid the feeling. 

  • 7 bad influences

    Hanging out with friends who still use drugs could drag people back to it. Drug users usually offer drugs, and it's sometimes hard to say no to it.

  • 8 they didn't change their behavior

    When people don't change the behavior that made them addicts in the first place like going to places where people use drugs, those people could easily go back to using drugs. 

  • 9 lack of motivation

    Pf people are not motivated to change, they won't easily stop themselves from whatever triggers them to relapse.  

  • 10 lack of support

    Feelings of isolation and loneliness are major factors leading to relapse. Support from family members and friends is important for treatment.   

  • 11 stopping treatment quickly

    When people stop their treatment too soon for whatever reason, they end up relapsing. 

  • 12 they do not get treatment in time

    When addicts do not recognize the signs of relapse, and don't get treatment in time, they'll slip back into addiction.